Ben Barber
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Appearances Ride Along
Ride Along 2
Portrayed by Kevin Hart

Ben Barber (aka Black Hammer) is one of the two leading characters in the Ride Along franchise. He is portrayed by Kevin Hart.


Ben has always wanted to be a cop, but now he's working as a security guard at a high school until he found out he got accepted into the police academy and will start working with his future. brother-in-law, James. But James isn't too fond of Ben because he thinks Ben is a joke and only wants his sister, Angela for sex, also because Ben accidentally set James on fire at a barbecue one time. Ben finds out that James has been doing 1-23's to make him not join the police academy and fail at proving James he is worthy but instead Ben stays with James all day so he still prove to him. Ben also spends his time playing a video game that helped get him and James out of the warehouse alive. After defeating Omar and his henchmen with the help of Ben, James gives Ben his blessing to marry Angela. 


Ben is fast-talking, goofy, short, smart, and very jumpy man but also cares about Angela and including his brother, James. Ben also doesn't know how to handle any type of gun in real life, expect only in his video game.

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